Preparing for Pointe

Making an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting

When you call to make an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting, we’ll ask you some questions;

  • We will ask how old the dancer is
  • What level of ballet they have achieved?
  • How many ballet classes the dancer attends each week?
  • If ballet is a hobby or something they might wish to pursue as a profession?
  • Has the dancers teacher given them permission to start pointe work?
  • What preparatory work has the student undertaken so far?
  • Is the dancer currently using demi-pointe/soft blocks/exam shoes – and for how long?
  • Has the dancer had, or are they about to have, their second growth spurt?
  • will the teacher as well as the parent/guardian attend the first fitting?

Preparing for your pointe shoe fitting

Before you come to your appointment please

  • Make sure your toenails are cut to the correct length  – they should not be too long.
  • Please make sure you have no blisters or other skin damage
  • If you have a verruca – it must be covered with a plaster before you come in.

When you arrive for your appointment 

  • Please wear convertible ballet tights or ballet socks – we need to see you bare feet too!
  • Wear shorts or a ballet skirt or if you have neither, loose clothing / circular skirt which can be lifted up a little so that we, as fitters, can see what’s going on during the fitting and you feel comfortable. Please be aware that we do need to touch your feet and legs.
  • Bring your old pointe shoes and any padding/inserts you use (if you are not a first time pointe wearer)



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