Pointe Shoes and Demi Pointe Shoes

We stock two brands of pointe shoe. Russian Class (RC)  In two styles and three widths, and Freed of London in three styles and three widths. Other sizes and widths can be ordered for you and arrive quickly.

We stock Russian Class (RC) and Freed demi pointe shoes. Demi pointe shoes are also known as soft blocks or exam shoes.

Pointe  shoe and demi pointe shoe fitting is by appointment only; it can often take up to an hour to find the shoe that fits perfectly. Please call 01908 567823 to book an appointment; there is a fitting fee of £10 which is, of course, refundable against your pointe or demi pointe shoe purchase on the day. We’ll ask you a number of questions when you make your appointment, to help make sure we can be as prepared as possible for your fitting.

Please arrive for your fitting in convertible ballet tights, and bring your pointe shoes with you (if you already have some) along with anything you wear with them e.g. gel pads, toe separators, or spacers etc.


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