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Comp Angel… From Soul2Sole Dancewear

If you’ve a comp, festival or show coming up – let us help take the pressure off so you can concentrate on the important thing – your performance! Soul2sole has a range of costume carriers you can hire to make light work of getting your kit to the right place.

We chose the Dream Duffel® as our costume carrier because they are beautifully made, designed for dancers and so easy to use.

Each Dream Duffel® has the following features

  • One-Touch Telescoping Garment Rack (Rack Height 132cm)
  • Rolls with Ease with Retractable Push Button Handle
  • Lift and Carry with Top and Side Handles
  • Insulated Snack Pocket
  • Folding Stool  (Use it as a portable place to sit during competitions. With a seat height of 17″, it is perfect for putting on shoes, applying makeup, or doing hair)
  • Folding Stool Pocket,
  • Interior Mesh Pockets for Additional Storage
  • 4 Interior D-Rings on Trolley Side of Duffel
  • Exterior D-Rings for Attachments

The medium duffel holds around 6-9 Costumes. The dimensions are 68cm x 43cm x 46cm and overall dimensions are 76cm x 51cm x 48cm (including  pockets, wheels, and trolley handle)

The medium duffle, when empty, weighs: 6.80 kg

The small duffel holds around 3-5 Costumes. The dimensions are 56cm x 38cm x 46cm and the overall dimensions:are 65cm x 48cm x 48cm (including pockets, wheels, and trolley handle)

The small duffel, when empty, weighs: 5.89 Kg

We also have tutu bags for rental – the tutu bag was designed to help store, protect, and transport  platter tutus for performances.

The tutu bag features interior ribbons to secure movement of the tutu and a transport strap with snap to fix the tutu bag to the Dream Duffel®

Rental Costs

Weekend Rental

Rent from Friday 12.00pm to Monday 4.00pm

  • Small Dream Duffel®, £25.00
  • Medium Dream Duffel®, £30.00
  • Tutu Carrier £10

Full Week Rental

Rent from Monday 5.00pm to Monday 12.00pm

  • Small Dream Duffel®, £50.00
  • Medium Dream Duffel®,  £60.00
  • Tutu Carrier £20

Book in the shop or call 01908 260909. £50 deposit required, refundable on return of the undamaged carrier.


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